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When your home or property is experience electrical issues, it's always recommended you contact a qualified electrician to diagnose and repair the faults.

At 1st Solution Contractors Ltd we have years of experience locating the source of home electrical faults and offering rapid, cost effective solutions.

Common Electrical faults around London:

Sparking Outlets/Sockets

Over the years, the protective material coating the wires leading to your outlets may have worn down or fallen away entirely. This means that every time you plug in an appliance, the connection has no buffer to protect the electrical surge from sparking outside of the outlet and into your room.

Regularly Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are made to be tripped. They protect us from larger meltdowns, but if they’re triggering too frequently, then they cease to be useful. A few possible reasons why your circuit breakers aren't working as well as they should are:

  • Maxed out - too many sources are drawing from one particular circuit, so its wattage is being pushed beyond its limits.
  • Outdated Panel - as our electronics get more and more sophisticated, so too should your mains electrical system.
  • Local Power Surges - during a power outage or unexpected supply fluctuations, your circuit breaker can be tripped.
  • Short Circuit - circuit breakers will trip if power is suddenly routed incorrectly, when wires are accidentally crushed or cut.

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